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Your favorite hill workout

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I just bought a trainer (should be here by the end of the week). It's a Cycleops fluid 2, and can't wait to use it.<br><br>
I have one Spinervals DVD that a friend gave me - 17.0 base building. I think that'll be useful, and I'm happy that it's a 75 minute workout. And, I'm probably going to buy the Lake Placid training DVD that is 3 hours.<br><br>
But what I need now, since I'm training for a very hilly half IM, are recommendations for the best hill training DVDs. What are your favorites?<br><br>
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Beth, here is tough workout we did last night. Coach says this is a power strength session. Sorry about the terminology I am bike dork.<br><br>
Warm-up 5 mins.<br>
Big gear up front, spin at largest back ring for 2mins, shift to level 8 (3rd smallest cog) for 40 seconds, shift to level 9 (2nd smallest cog) for 20 seconds and go all out. Shift back to easiest gear and repeat for 50 minutes.<br>
Cool down 5 mins.
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