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Your favorite hill workout

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I just bought a trainer (should be here by the end of the week). It's a Cycleops fluid 2, and can't wait to use it.<br><br>
I have one Spinervals DVD that a friend gave me - 17.0 base building. I think that'll be useful, and I'm happy that it's a 75 minute workout. And, I'm probably going to buy the Lake Placid training DVD that is 3 hours.<br><br>
But what I need now, since I'm training for a very hilly half IM, are recommendations for the best hill training DVDs. What are your favorites?<br><br>
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Thanks for all the input, guys. Julie - I'm going to look for Hillacious and Uphill Grind. They both sound hard.<br><br>
Neil - I like the way you think. Wish I could find a race with all downhill!<br><br>
Thor - good points, and I really would rather train outside on hills. I have access to many good ones, and, like you, I've always thought of them as my friends. I truly love the challenge of riding hills as part of my ride - and felt like hill repeats I did a couple of seasons ago really made me stronger, and helped me to finally win my age group in an olympic distance tri.<br><br>
But, I'm worried because my race is June 1, so I believe I'll want to be incorporating some hills into my training by the time I can consistently ride outside. (even if it's just once a week, and the base building on other days). But, maybe I'm wrong - if I get some good base building in, lengthen my sessions to 2.5 or 3 hrs, then starting hill repeats and riding hills outside in April, that's 2 months which should be fine.<br><br>
I think I'm just anxious about being ready. I haven't done a half IM in a few years, and the one I did was flat as a pancake. This is the Poconos, supposed to be more challenging bike course than Lake Placid. - that's why I sound so plugged into my training - nothing like a tough course to get my butt in gear!!<br><br>
Thanks again guys - any other insights are welcomed
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Thanks Thor. Very good advice. Kathy and I were talking about this in the pool just a few moments ago. And, I think the key is not peaking too early, not burning myself out - or my knees - on hills too early. I have to temper my anxiety with knowing I have a solid plan.<br><br>
But, like you said, that includes quality workouts on the trainer now - not just spinning away. I have a 75 minute DVD that is base building, and I think that will be a good start. And, then I can increase my time on the trainer from there.<br><br>
Of course, I'm talking about all this indoor riding and it's 52 degrees and sunny outside! What happened to winter?
Wow - thanks again or all the advice, and JR and Kate, for the specific workouts. I put the trainer together last night and will probably go for my first ride on Monday. JR - that gives me hope that I'll be in good shape for outdoor riding in 8 weeks. I'm really committed to get there - with a couple of days a week of quality, big gear work in addition to a 3rd spin, I'll be ready!<br><br>
Thor - thanks for the insights about the LP training DVD. I'll probably buy it for next year winter cycling, to make sure I put in enough time on the bike throughout the winter, even for an easier ride. My problem has been little to no bike time Nov through January.
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