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You may not believe this but....

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there was a car accident just outside our house a few minutes ago. We live on one of those narrow winding roads an people always drive way too fast. Well some guy hit a tree. Luckily, he is ok and had a cell phone. I ran out there but everything was fine. One of our neighbors told us there are a lot of accidents on this road. We saw another one a few weeks ago just down the street. I don't know why people have to drive so fast<img alt="angry8.gif" src="">
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We had an idiot dump his crotch rocket on the golf course across the street from our house. He'd have been a dead idiot if he hadn't been in leather and a decent helmet.<br><br>
I was the first person on the scene. (After I went running across the small field that separates our subdivision from the golf course.) He shattered both arms and both legs, and was not in good shape. When the paramedics responded, one of the medics on the call was one of my colleagues from the coroner's office. So the guy had 2 deputy coroners there!<br><br>
Turns out, our biker dude worked with some friends of ours. He later heard that he had 2 deputy coroners there. Apparently he had a good sense of humor, and thought it was funny.<br><br>
He is fine now, thank goodness!
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