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You know you're in Ironman Training When....

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<p>1. You eat dinner. Then the dinner of the person next to you. And the leftovers of the person on the other side. Then ask "when's second dinner?"</p>
<p>2. Your Tri buddies now think your workouts are insane. Wait, I thought everyone thought THEIR workouts were insane?!</p>
<p>3. You schedule your sleep.</p>
<p>4. You have a bottle of motrin (and vitamin C) in your medicine closet. And car. And backpack. And Tribag. At work. At clients. And....</p>
<p>5. You drink 4L of water. Before noon.</p>
<p>6. When you go on vacation you have your own suitcase. Purely for tri gear.</p>
<p>7. When you pack your bike, you add 50% in weight just for food.</p>
<p>8. You don't think twice about having bloody knuckles. When someone ask how it happened, you say "my bike bit me" and continue on</p>
<p>9. You have learned the art of "flash napping". Got 20min before an appointment? That's 18min of sleep people come on!</p>
<p>10. You don't mind your long workouts. You're scared of the short ones. You know those are gonna hurt!</p>
<p>11. You're known as "that guy" in the neighborhood</p>
<p>12. You refuse to get near people who are sick. If they have the flu, they're dead to me.</p>
<p> </p>
<p>What else you got? These are all me... from the last week alone.</p>
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<p>You have a glass of water in the middle of the night so you are hydrated for 5:30 am workout.</p>
<p>You know when sunrise is so you can be out the door on the bike before work.</p>
<p>You look at snacks as # of miles to burn them off.</p>
<p>You have a swim bag, run bag and bike bag so you don't waste time reloading just one bag.</p>
<p>Your idea of a sit down lunch is a group ride.</p>
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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