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Him: "We're having problems in Production. Same problems we had last week during Acceptance Testing."<br><br>
Me: "And you signed off on it last week?"<br><br>
Him: "Well, we figured it was just, you know, acceptance server issues."<br><br>
Me: Grrr.

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<i>It's 7:30pm and refinnej10 is settling down after dinner with a nice glass of wine when the phone rings</i><br><br>
Plant Manager: You need to release this lot of parts or we're going to shut the plant down!<br><br>
Me: You're supposed to have two weeks of inventory. What happened to that?<br><br>
PM: I don't know! You have to release these parts!<br><br>
Me: Well, what dimension is out and how far out of tolerance is it?<br><br>
PM: I don't know, but the supplier says your tolerance is unreasonable.<br><br>
Me: Interesting, that supplier has been making this part for 18 months now and they've never complained about any of the dimensions before.<br><br>
PM: You have to release these parts.<br><br>
Me: I really can't help you. Why don't you gather up the important information such as the actual measurement that's out and how far out it is, how many parts are affected, what the supplier's plan is for getting good parts to you and we'll have a meeting first thing tomorrow morning to talk about it?<br><br>
PM: How about 10 am CMT?<br><br>
Me: Oh, no, this is way too urgent for that - you're about to shut the plant down, remember? 7am EST. Have all the info to me by 6am EST.<br><br>
PM: I'm calling your boss!<br><br>
Me: Knock yourself out, he's in Germany. And he won't release the parts either.

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Phone coordinator: Oh, by the way, we just got iPhones for three of the departments. They'll have them next week.<br><br>
Me: Oh, okay. Please get my assistant a sample unit.<br><br>
Him: Why? That would cost $$.<br><br>
Me: Well, why did you want me to know about them coming in?<br><br>
Him: Well, I figured they'd be coming to you guys for support.<br><br>
Me: (tap, tap, tap)<br><br>
Him: ??????<br><br>
Me: !!!!!!!
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