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Hey QN, it was nice seeing you this morning. Sorry you aren't feeling well. But take some time off and maybe do some swimming exercises and spin classes instead to let your shins heel.<br><br>
It was very muggy this morning even with the overcast skies. Humidity was at 64% with temps right at 70. I saw a couple people using inhalers before the race.<br><br>
As for my race, it was good and bad. I cannot for the life of me keep an even pace without a running partner. My goal was to simply run 9 minute miles.<br><br>
Before the start I ran into a semi-elite runner from the Fleet Feet Duluth store and talked to him and his wife. Just before the start he moved to the front and I moved to the back. The runners moved forward and as we crossed the white tape marking the start I started my Garmin.<br><br>
The first mile once we turn onto Clairemont is a nice long undulating hill that doesn't end until the 1st mile marker. As usual I got caught up in the moment and found myself way ahead of schedule at the 1st mile marker. The second mile has a few downhill inclines but you are constantly either going up an incline or down. There were not a whole lot of just level running areas on this course. Grabbed a cup of water just after the 2nd mile and managed to get it down without stopping. For the 2nd mile and first half of mile 3 we are running through a fairly nice older neighborhood with every well kept homes. I noticed as we passed Fernbank Elementary they resume school on 8/13. That just seems too early to me.<br><br>
Just after the 2.7 mile mark we turn onto North Decatur Road in the Emory University Campus which will take us back to Clairemont Road and 400 meters later to the finish at the Decatur YMCA. This is a killer incline though. It just keeps going and going until just before you reach Clairemont a little over a mile later. Just before we reached Clairemont they had us make a slight turn through a fast food restaurant's parking area. As I was running up North Decatur I heard my name on the other side of the street. There was a Galloway group of runners I sometimes run with using the other side for their Saturday run.<br><br>
Finally made the turn on Clairemont Road and a little about 400 meters later made the right turn by the Decatur YMCA and passed the finish marker about a 100 yards after the final right turn.<br><br>
Turned in my card, got some Gatorade and was walking back to my car when I saw QN approaching the final turn, looking in very good spirits and all smiles. I would never have known she was not feeling well.<br><br>
The good: My back is apparently 100% healed now and I had no problems on the course. I really enjoyed seeing QN as I didn't catch her at the start.<br><br>
The bad: My mile splits suck all over the place. I was aiming for 9:00 miles, or 8:45 at the very least. I ended up with an 8:30 pace but that does me no good if I can't maintain consistent splits, + or - 5 seconds. I'm going to have to start running more miles at a specified pace and if I get ahead just walk until I'm back at my correct pace.<br><br>
I'm thinking for my long run tomorrow I might go back to this course and run a 12 mile loop keeping my run at 9:30 just to see how close I can come on my splits.<br><br><br>
My mile splits:<br><br>
1 7:51<br>
2 8:11<br>
3 8:33<br>
4 8:41<br><br>
Total: 33:58 8:30 pace
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