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You're sitting in a meeting. You look over at the person sitting next to you, and she has an inch-long hair jutting out from her chin. It's maybe a quarter of an inch below her bottom lip and sticking straight out from her face.<br><br>
Do you tell her? Or do you wait until she finds it on her own? Does a stray chin hair require the same treatment as a piece of spinach between the teeth?
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You are wicked.<br><br><br>
That is awesome.<br><br><br>
clean basement?<br><br>
wtf is wrong with you people?<br><br>
I'm this close || to starting the debate about why men are afraid of women looking like women.
There ya go. I'll think of all the possible options tonight and maybe post it in the morning.
1 - 4 of 44 Posts
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