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Rich -<br><br>
I was away racing yesterday, so haven't had a chance to share my thoughts. Much as has been said by the others really. As a gmail user as my main email account, I think more and more people use web based email accounts, so to disallow those access points could restrict many. In order to stop "robot" accounts, you could do as my blog does, and request the type what you see on scree box, you know what I mean. the letters and numbers randomly generated as script etc...<br><br>
As to everything else, I will have to bow to your better judgement as I am not computer savvy enough.<br><br>
One thing I must say to you and Cliff is THANKS in a huge way for everything you guys are doing, it is greatly appreciated by me, and everyone who uses the site.<br><br>
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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