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Well, damn... Talkin' about WTF U!!!!!<br><br>
I'm home from Texas for the weekend; don't bring my laptop - Cliff is at 35000 feet on the way back from LA and we get HACKED AGAIN!!!<br><br>
I got my daughters laptop and in a few hours, I was able to 'recapture' our forum. Again, they didn't do damage, they just redirected us. So, last night, as you know - I closed the board and then took a crash course on upgrading the forum.<br><br>
I've completed that and we're running the newest version.<br><br>
Some other things have changed too:<br><br>
1. I've disabled all of the other templates. Mainly, because I'm not 100% confident they are secure. We are now running the original templates with just a few color changes. Over time, i'll add more - but the ones I add will be purchased and not downloaded free<br><br>
2. Login/logout is back in the forum area. I'm going to rethink our layout as we move forward. I am STILL committed to no ads in the forum areas, but will still need to come up with a way to finance this place.<br><br>
3. Going forward: Until I can completely secure the site - new accounts will be slow in activation. Only because I've had to modify the admin area and still need to update all the links so sierra can get to them also. Until I can get that completed, only I have access to it - and I have to access it manually. Expect that to be completed in the next two weeks<br><br>
4. Running Log: Still on track - but now instead of cliff investing his time to write it, we're paying someone because both he and I are simply too busy to get it done. (added investment - see comment 2)<br><br>
You guys are great and thank you for your patience and assistance.. Let's HOPE we've got it shut down good now<br><br><br>
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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