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Would you report a tiny,tiny theft?

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A few weeks ago, at a local drugstore, a car pulled up and stole a Halloween display. Dh saw it happening and said to her "not a good idea, put it back". She laughed and got back into the car with a bunch of giggling teenagers. Dh wrote license number and gave to the clerk.<br><br>
Would you have reported it?<br><br>
I probably wouldn't have made an issue, but the fact that dh gave a chance for her to make it right makes me back him. I could see my teenage self doing something like this, but I also know if someone said "hey, that's stealing" I'd have put it back...up to that point I could see myself as regarding it as a harmless prank.
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<p>Kids are usually soft targets for extra-judicial punishments such as sweeping the front sidewalk or washing the windows as an alternative to being reported to the law. If I was a business owner and thought it was just some prankish behavior, that's the route I'd take.</p>
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