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Workouts - Wednesday Aug 25

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<p>Another hill repeats, on the bike this time, early in the cool morning where I could feel a hint of Fall. 75minutes total with 2 sets of 5 repeats.  3min intervals (just like yesterday!) - half of the time is climbing with the tough part of the hill taking me 63sec or so to complete.  I tried different gear combos, off the saddle, stayed seated, etc, but didn't change the time to take to get up there.</p>
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<p>Have been working on details on the Xterra race in Utah.  Looks like DH might not be able to come with me.  And found out renting a bike over there costs only $45 a day, and much nicer bike than my 600lbs bike, which would cost who knows how much to fly and reassemble, >$200?  I want a NEW, MY OWN MTB!! </p>
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<p>Edited to add:  4mile run with fartrek (short ones).  Legs moved well.  Core/upperbody strength workout later.</p>
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<p>easy 2250 yards in the pool</p>
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<p>-4x75 build</p>
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