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On this day in 1932, J. R. "Johnny" Cash is born in Kingsland, Arkansas.<br><br>
It was <i>The Return of the Diesel</i> this morning... A still flu-struck IronBoy and the Andyman were outside my place as the M-Dawg and I emerged this morning and, just down the road, for the first time since she'd wounded the wing, we picked up The Diesel!! It was great to have her back! To top it off, we completed the usual 5.65m route in daylight!! Nice run.<br><br><i>I hear the train a comin'</i><br><i>It's rollin' 'round the bend,</i><br><i>And I ain't seen the sunshine,</i><br><i>Since, I don't know when,</i><br><i>I'm stuck in Folsom Prison,</i><br><i>And time keeps draggin' on,</i><br><i>But that train keeps a-rollin',</i><br><i>On down to San Antone</i><br><br>
Walk the line tri-peeps!

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Daylight? What's that? Right now we have t-storms.<br><br>
Today is hell tuesday...but I'm not allowed to whine anymore b/c when I do Sheldawg lessens my workouts.<br><br>
Welcome back diesel and ironboi!

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Swim Workout for me tonight after work<br><br>
200m Warm up followed by main set as<br>
900m @ Easy (IM) pace<br>
700m @ 1/2 IM Pace<br>
500m @ Oly Pace<br>
300m @ Sprint Pace<br>
100m Full out Sprint<br><br>
With 20 secs rest between each set<br><br>
Followed by Some drills and Cool down<br><br>
Neil<br><br><br><i>Love Is A Burning Thing<br>
And It Makes A Fiery Ring<br>
Bound By Wild Desire<br>
I Fell Into A Ring Of Fire<br><br>
I Fell Into A Burning Ring Of Fire<br>
I Went Down, Down, Down<br>
And The Flames Went Higher<br><br>
And It Burns, Burns, Burns<br>
The Ring Of Fire<br>
The Ring Of Fire</i>

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Morning!!!! I swam about 900 yds (yes, this is lame - it was all i had time for) and did spinning class for about 30 minutes.<br><br>
My fav Cash song is "One Piece at a Time." A classic.<br><br>
Hey, where can I get some good swim workouts? I am really tired of up and back, up and back, up and back. I need to improve my speed. My longest swim to date is 2500yds.

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So, if you want to know what it's like to swim in the rain forest, come to my pool today.<br><br>
OMG...the humidity and the heat of the air was nearly oppressive. It makes the swims oh so much more fun!!!<br><br>
've been told to start bringing extra water (one to dump on my head) for the next few weeks, and today, it was a good idea. Even though it was only tap water, and not all that particularly helped. It was a "red face/shoulder/back" sort of a day.<br><br><br>
400 SW (FR/BK)<br>
200 BR kick underwater<br>
50 BR drill (kick, kick, stroke)<br>
1000 FR for time (15:54) -- hot hot hot hot. Ann had me doing 75 @ 85%; 25 @ 95% effort for all 10 100's AND she had someone counting laps for me!!! Yay...I must have done something good yesterday not to have to count all by myself. he he he.<br>
50 BR Drill (kick, kick, stroke)<br>
4 x 100 IM Kick r:30<br>
8 x 50 (split) BK on 1:00<br>
200 Kick/Swim ez

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I have no favorite Cash song. I could name off dozens. I think I have 15+ on my MP3 player right now. And 100 more in my head.<br><br>
Long Black Veil<br>
Cocaine Blues<br>
One Piece at a Time<br>
Casey Jones<br>
Legend of John Henry's Hammer<br>
Daddy Sang Bass<br>
Johnny Yuma<br>
I was up early for some strength work on the trainer. Medium run after work tonight. Trying to push a couple midweek runs up over the 6 mile mark. That seems to be a key for me for marathon training. I tend to do too many 3-4 mile runs that don't amount to much.<br><br>

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Unplanned rest morning as my asthma reared it's ugly head during the night last night. This has been one of the worst allergy/asthma years for me that I've ever had <img alt="sad.gif" src=""> Another dr's appt Thursday, hopefully I can get some better drugs.<br><br>
Last night I did manage do do the spinervals time trial dvd - oh my achin' arse!! Hopefully I'll get out for a run later today or this evening.

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Good day. Quick post as I have work that I need to get to.<br><br>
I did a 1000 meter time trial this morning. 200 m WU; 1000 m TT; 100 KOS; 100 catchup; 200 CD.<br><br>
TT went great, I knocked 58 seconds off my 1000 meter swim in four weeks. <img alt="banana.gif" src=""> That gives me a total of 4:20 faster since I did my first TT in January. <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><br><br><br>
Stitcher - You changed you avitar! <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><br><br>
Tithers - T-Storms are reaching us right now. I am hoping we don't lose power. I have work I need to get done.

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Pool lunchtime for me:<br><br>
400m WU<br>
360m drills<br>
400m*1 (<img alt="smile.gif" src="">)<br>
40m CD<br><br>
1200m.<br><br><i>Hurt</i> is the best Cash song. FACT.

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2 miles on the 'mill this am. legs still toast from Sunday, but I'm happy with my mental effort in sticking with a pace that felt way faster than it should have (either that or the treadmill was way off).<br><br>
still not sure about my new shoes. might run tomorrow's 3 miler in my old shoes and see how my calves/shins feel.<br><br>
great workouts, everyone.

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4 miles on a dreadmill at home, thanks to fresh pile of snow (and still coming down strong). A sigh of relief - R foot was ok, though felt something a little. Still in a limbo whether I should try another marathon or not. Meanwhile, legs/hips are sore from Sunday yoga and the power session on a trainer yesterday. DT work later. Ahhhh.

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Wow... busy morning so far. Way to get 'er done, peeps!<br><br>
LRR: Nice to have you back. This morning was a special treat to have us 4 amigos trampling the Typically Tuesday Trot. I'd tell you I missed it, but that would seem too sensitive a statement. So I'll just say that it was cool to have us all back together again.<br><br>
Showing my age here, or maybe my ignorance, but I never paid much attention to Johnny Cash. Not until a few years ago when he came out with his last album. Every single song was so sad, as if you could see through his soul to the world of hurt with which he lived. Whenever I'd hear one of his songs, my whole person would change. I'd get all quiet, and perhaps sad, and reflect about his internals struggles, and how none of us would ever really know the extent of pain, perhaps some self-inflicted, he lived with. Very sad. I honestly wished I had paid more attention to him when he was living, because in his death I am left with those very sad songs. I suppose the good thing is that in a way it helps remind me that when you look at someone, just because the outside looks happy and healthy, doesn't mean the brain isn't wallowing in a sort of pain.<br><br>
5.65 mile run early this morning with the usual suspects in the Andyman, The Diesel, and LRR and the M-Dawg. Heard all about the tramps on the outskirts of Rome. Followed immediately by...<br><br>
50 min Trainer session. It was time to get back in the saddle.<br>
o WU - 20 min (this hurt, lungs just not there)<br>
o 2 x 2' G(6-10-5) - minus the last ramp down from 9, 8, 7, 6.<br>
Pushed 292W and felt every single one. This hurt. My lungs just aren't there. Had to scale back the last set to eliminate the ramp down from Gear 9 to 6. I was fried. Legs weren't too bad, but lungs couldn't keep up. Still, felt very good to get back in the saddle. This also shows me how hard my normal workout is, which is nice to know, for I know when healthy it is doing me good. But I'm not healthy, so it hurt and I couldn't finish it.<br><br>
Great day, Tri-Cash fans!

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Just got back from my ride. It's 16 Celsius here in Munich right now, and the sun is shinning, so I bared my super-pale, mega-furry legs for the first time this year. Rode for about 50km, in just over 2 hours. Threw in a few slow-cadence, high-gear intervals, and did two shorter climbs. I love riding my bike! Great workouts everyone, keep it up!
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