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Workouts - Sunday, 9/18

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<p>Mixing it up ... First run since August 3 ... Figure biking season's going to end soon enough, so may as well get started ...</p>
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<p>7.2 miles - about 8:30 pace.</p>
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<p>Went first 3.6 with marathon training neighbor (about 7:48 pace by his Garmin - so pretty brisk on a rolling route).</p>
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<p>Stretched/recovered for a minute - then returned same route while he continued on his long 15 miler. Didn't check pace over return - but definitely slowed down to the 9:00 range - so rounding off the whole run to 8:30s...</p>
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<p>Didn't feel too bad - esp. for the first in a month and a half. However, I'm guessing I'll regret it tomorrow AM :)</p>
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<p>Pony Express Trail Race this morning. About 15 miles around Rampart Reservoir. Course follows a dirt road for the first mile or so downhill to a singletrack trail going clockwise around the lake. Non-stop turns, up & down, rocks, roots, unstable footing. Got into a solid pace early, ran behind a guy to the first aid station, passed him. I was subsequently passed by 3 people before reaching the dam at around 9 miles. I passed 2 of them back, getting the final one on the road back uphill to the finish. The race went well. I took off a bit over 5 1/2 minutes on my previous best on this course and won my AG handily. The overall winner ran a blistering pace to better the 9 year old course record by 5 minutes. He's running Chicago next month a shooting for an Olympic Trials qualifying time as he missed it by a minute in his last marathon.</p>
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<p>04m 30s - 0.50 miles - 09m/Mi<br><br>
7:45 AM <br><br><br>
2h 04m 15s - 15.00 miles - 08m 17s/Mi<br><br>
8:00 AM <br><br><br>
Equipment: Adidas XCS 2<br><br>
Cool/low 40s, warming to upper 50s - Sunny and windy. Pony Express Trail Race. Mostly single track course around Rampart Reservoir featuring non-stop turns, up & down, rocks, roots, unstable footing. Ran well. Took over 5 1/2 minutes off my previous best on this course, 1st AG. Was passed by 3 people, but was able to pass 2 of them back. Garmin measured the course shorter, but I heard it losing the signal several times in the dense woods and the vast number of twists & turns make it difficult to get an accurate reading.</p>
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