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Why is prostitution illegal?

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Sex between two consenting adults = ok.<br>
Paying someone to have sex that is filmed to make porn = ok.<br>
Paying for food, clothes and expensive gifts to get someone to have sex with you = ok.<br>
Paying for sex = illegal.<br><br>
I don't get it.
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I'm right there with you, OakDawg.<br><br>
If legalized, it could be regulated and taxed, and there could be health standards enforced.<br><br>
Of course, if it's taxed and regulated, then the married men who are doing it would be found out by their wives.
I'd imagine those books would be a nightmare to keep track of...<br><br>
So many cash transactions.<br><br>
I wonder if the ladies would be hired as independent contractors, or as direct employees...
I think the government has figured out how to tax it, regulate it and make money from it. But it's people like Elliot Spitzer who keep it out of the government's hands and "immoral". I'll bet he's sorry now.<br><br>
Edited to add:<br><br>
without any smilies or whatever, the tone here is odd. I just wanted to say that I'm joking here. Obviously, I have no idea why the government has chosen to avoid legalization and regulation other than it is definitely consistent the Puritanical background of the USA and it's probably such a hot button issue, they don't want to deal with it.
Don't try to bring logic into this. Its just habit now.
Well, if you come to Ireland - That can be dealt with <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br>
The embargo continues...
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$1000/hour would be selling myself short. Now accepting applications from men willing to pay $100,000 per hour...
If I ever get 100 people to pay me $1000\hr I'll look you up...
I think the Government owned a brothel in Nevada for back taxes or something for awhile. Nevada has appearantly been able to regulate thier brothels although there is still illegal prostitution going on. THe individual states has a right to decide if they want prostatution.<br><br>
I don't see the current laws being contrary to prudent thought and community standards. It would be easy to believe that this is a victimless crime, but it is not by any standard victimless.<br><br>
High priced hookers seem to be in a catagorie of thier own and I fail to see a problem with this sort of prostitution being legalized and there is good compensation for the women who choose that lifestyle. I don't think that learning that a high profile politition saw a few hookers would carry any weight as far as how they are performing thier duties. They are busy, lots of folks have demands on them, they are out on the road and perhaps they might just need a peace of ass along the way without making alot of commitments.<br><br>
In the political arena the only thing that upsets me on these issues of sex is that they lie about it, then when they do that I do have an issues with the dishonesty and it does carry weight. Back when Clinton was fooling around with that young woman, the fooling around made no difference to me, the only thing I could think of was that lucky bastard. I wonder what he would charge for one of those cigars. Certainly after seeing hillary, it was easy to understand why he might want to fool around a little bit with a real woman. The lies afterward is what turned me off. Still at the time, I was wondering how I might get a date with this young woman.<br><br>
I guess a person could talk about this stuff tell they were blue in the face, but nothing will change. Just like the thousands of years in the past thier will be hookers, polititions amoung others who seek them out and legislation to outlaw it or legalize it for a time. You just can't fix human nature.<br><br>
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I absolutely believe that prostitution would be safer for all involved and better served for everybody if it was made legal and regulated, and think it is ridiculous it is not.<br>
I have a lot of thoughts on this, but I think I better keep it at that.
{{{OakDawg's sore weenus}}}<br><br>
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