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Why is prostitution illegal?

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Sex between two consenting adults = ok.<br>
Paying someone to have sex that is filmed to make porn = ok.<br>
Paying for food, clothes and expensive gifts to get someone to have sex with you = ok.<br>
Paying for sex = illegal.<br><br>
I don't get it.
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Seriously, why don't the women want to pay $1000\hr for OakDawg? WHY?
Ok, thats it! No one can have OakDawg...the supply of OakDawg has run out. No more hugs, no more wild gyrating dances and no more descriptions of the OakDawg body. The OakDawg embargo has begun until a fair price can be had by OakDawg.
A plumber with loose morals???
The embargo continues...
The embargo is working! <img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
If I ever get 100 people to pay me $1000\hr I'll look you up...
1 - 7 of 40 Posts
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