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Why is it so hard to give away clothes?

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I am going through my closet and I'm looking at stuff I'll never wear but I just can't give them away.<br><br>
It was SO hard going through my girl clothes to give to my sister. I kept somethings that I loved and I don't want her to give away. I have no clue if we'll have more but still. <img alt="sad.gif" src="">
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I am a pathological purger.<br><br>
I hate having too many clothes in my closet or drawers. When I get anxious, I get rid of things. It comes easy. Sometimes I have regret, but usually I am getting rid of stuff I bought at goodwill or on sale anyway. There are only a few items I've held onto for a length of time - two worn in hooded sweatshirts and a couple of vintage t-shirts. Everything else is fair game.<br><br>
Clothes, however, can be for some like photographs. They remind us of a different time, of the "hope" we had when we bought them - hope for an event, hope for a new body shape, hope for a new life (ie: maternity clothes). I can imagine if this is what happens it would be hard not to be sad about parting with them.
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