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Who's On Line - REMOVED

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Hey guys - I've turned OFF the "Who's On-Line" function for "Registered Users". However, as moderators, you should still be able to see it. Please check to see that you can and let me know....<br><br><br>
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I can see it now.<br><br>
Earlier today, I could not.<br><br>
Why turn it off for everyone?
I got a few complaints and then the tone in the PRT.. lets see if anyone notices and what they say..
Yeah I agree, some people commented they didn't like it.<br><br>
And then there is Jenna who doesn't like ANYTHING about the new site!<br>
Seriously I'm going through her 10 most recent posts to see if she talks about anything else.
Yeah, she's whining and whinging about it and fomenting rebellion. Tough. She'll get over it.
I can see it, too.<br><br>
Isn't it similar to how it worked on the old site? Why the complaints now?
It's not the 'who's on-line' at the bottom of the site, it's the "Whos OnLine" under the quick links. You could see exactly who was doing what (pm'g and to whom.. etc...)
I can understand the complaints and think you made the right call.<br>
It doesn't matter to me either way.<br><br>
Better to have people happy.
i kinda liked it <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br>
Why is Jenna's name on the "who's online" in green?
Member of the board, has over 2000 posts<br><br>
ah. that makes sense. i was confused. Except mine is not green.
YOU still have it as a moderator!<br><br>
And Jenna is 'green' cause she's chosen her "Member of the Board" status as here default...
Can't we have a multicoloured Meri? <img alt="razz.gif" src="">
In your CP - change your default user group
Why am I a Member of the Board when I don't have 2000 posts yet?
Not any more!<br>
(left over from migration!)
Ah, ok, that makes sense.
So how do you get kickster?
I'd better get busy then!<br><br>
*By busy I mean studying, of course <img alt="razz.gif" src="">
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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