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Whoa, I just saw someone almost die

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or almost get badly hurt.<br><br>
So I'm driving home from Stitch 'n' Bitch just now down a major, well-lit road in my town. Up ahead, I see someone crossing on a crosswalk, though they definitely don't have the "walk" sign as our light is green. He's well out of my lane, but I notice that on the other side, the car coming in my direction doesn't seem to see that there's someone in the crosswalk. And he doesn't slow down. and doesn't slow down. And I swear to G-d if that walker hadn't sucked in his breath and rocked on his heels...I thought for sure I was about to see a body flying through the air!!
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Yeah, it's mostly just a group of friends that meet at Panera in a nearby town to knit and hang out and talk. It's a lot of fun.
My best friend's father in law was driving down a highway in Dallas the other day, on his way to work, when traffic slowed to a stop. The guy behind him didn't seem to be slowing down, so he quickly moved out of the way. The guy behind him slammed into the car that was originally in front of the FIL. The people ahead of him were seriously hurt, and he feels really guilty about it, though when you are in an adrenaline rush, you really are just trying to protect yourself.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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