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Whoa, I just saw someone almost die

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or almost get badly hurt.<br><br>
So I'm driving home from Stitch 'n' Bitch just now down a major, well-lit road in my town. Up ahead, I see someone crossing on a crosswalk, though they definitely don't have the "walk" sign as our light is green. He's well out of my lane, but I notice that on the other side, the car coming in my direction doesn't seem to see that there's someone in the crosswalk. And he doesn't slow down. and doesn't slow down. And I swear to G-d if that walker hadn't sucked in his breath and rocked on his heels...I thought for sure I was about to see a body flying through the air!!
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The girls and I were coming home from Philly on a rainy Sunday a couple of years ago.<br><br>
This a-hole comes flying up our butt in his little tuner; he slides right, and punches it to pass us on the right; except, just as he's straightening out, his real wheels lose it and he fishtails. He's at 90 degrees and looking at my daughter in the back seat. I look back at her and can see the panic in his eyes. I can almost hear the girls in his car yelling at him as he continues his spin and hits the curb backwards at about 70.<br><br>
The front end comes up and in a blink the little black Accord is on its back.<br><br>
"I hope they went to church today," my daughter says, "because they're all dead now."
There was nothing about any fatal crashes on that road that day, so ...<br><br>
Thanks for asking.
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