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Who wants to hang out with TITHERS this weekend...?!?

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I need someone to video it for me. My machine is a mega POS.<br><br> CNN interviewed me last runs this is what I got in an email...<br><br><span style="font-family:Arial;"><span style="font-size:x-large;"><span style="color:#FF0000;"><span style="color:#000080;"><span style="font-family:Arial;">Yep, it’ll be Friday on American Morning (regular CNN, around 830am), and on Headline News’ Morning Express around the same time (I think), and then of course on House Call sat and sun between 830 and 9a!</span></span></span></span></span>
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If someone can tell me how to get it from my TiVo to the computer (I know there's a way), I'll do it.<br><br>
Actually, I'm pretty sure DH knows how. I'll have to ask him when he comes home.
Well, my Tivo is connected to my home network. Because I can watch videos on my home network on the TV through the Tivo. I'll have to ask DH about the other stuff thouhg.
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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