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Some of us have had the pleasure of knowing Flounder from the daily thread in the RnR forum. So we can attest to his volume. Its no fluke. He's a stalwart trainer.<br><br>
If you haven't noticed, he posted an all-time weekly milage PR with a grand total of 165 run miles last week. Whew. I got tired just typing that. <img alt="icon_cheers.gif" src=""><br><br>
The <i>A-Team</i> and the <i>Killah Bs</i> have their work cut out. Yet its not time to throw the towel in just yet.<br><br>
No doubt Flounder is the high milage star of the VRAA so far. We tip our hats to you. But in the spirit of the game, we are gunning for you. Look out!<br><br><img alt="blob1.gif" src=""><img alt="fsniper.gif" src="">
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