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When to start speed and hill work?

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Hi folks!<br><br>
I need some advice. I'm an older off-and-on runner who'd like to get a little more serious about properly training and do a little competing this season. I've been doing low HR training since the beginning of December, to increase my aerobic endurance and keep myself from doing too much/too fast and hurting myself, after having recovered from a bad ankle sprain last summer.<br><br>
At the end of April, I hope to start into some trail racing relatively short distances (5 to 13 k). My LRs are up to 7 miles now, and I'm running every other day.........with cross-training (still low HR), strength work, or rest on the alternate days.<br><br>
At what point should I break from the low HR routine and start adding in the intervals, tempo runs and hill work?<br><br>
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My opinion would be when you have a good base, and you are regularly running at least 30-40 miles per week, throw in a day of tempo or some intervals, hills or fartlek. So maybe when you are consistently running 30 or so miles a week for 5-6 months.<br><br>
Don't over-do, start off with just 'one key' workout a week, the rest, just do at a low HR, and steadily build your miles. If that works, then maybe add another day (once you have more base).
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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