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When to start speed and hill work?

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Hi folks!<br><br>
I need some advice. I'm an older off-and-on runner who'd like to get a little more serious about properly training and do a little competing this season. I've been doing low HR training since the beginning of December, to increase my aerobic endurance and keep myself from doing too much/too fast and hurting myself, after having recovered from a bad ankle sprain last summer.<br><br>
At the end of April, I hope to start into some trail racing relatively short distances (5 to 13 k). My LRs are up to 7 miles now, and I'm running every other day.........with cross-training (still low HR), strength work, or rest on the alternate days.<br><br>
At what point should I break from the low HR routine and start adding in the intervals, tempo runs and hill work?<br><br>
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You should start hills immediately. They help develop leg strength and should be done before you do any serious speedwork. I think you can also probably do 20 min per week at threshold pace as well, as long as you stay under your threshold and not over.
I'm 57 and I HATE intervals!<br><br>
Based on what you've added (You want to do well in 5k races) I would suggest you NOT pick up the pace for most of your runs. My original suggestion for 20 min of one run to be at threshold pace still stands, or you can convert this to cruise intervals of a mile or so at threshold pace with a minute or so jogging in between. The more hills you run the stronger you will be, so I recommend you run all of your runs on hills if possible. But stay at an easy pace, running according to how you feel.<br><br>
If you have a goal race you can add a couple of sessions of intervals about a month before the race. I don't focus on 5k races, so I don't know exactly how far, but likely 400 to 600 meters (say a half dozen or so) with 75% jogging rest time in between intervals. Do the intervals at a second or two per 400 meters faster than 5k pace.
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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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