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What's you thing?

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A friend of mine pointed out to me today that i really just think way too much and that i needed to find my "thing". Something i can do that helps me calm down and clear my mind.<br><br>
So i was wondering what is your thing?
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I used to really love running - that time was the only alone time I often got when the kids were younger. Now I can't really run. Walking the dog is okay ( You can talk <i>out lound</i> to the dog and get away with it!)<br>
I read a lot, I draw and paint sometimes, I still hope to return to indoor soccer when my knee settles down. I love that game. I need total focus on angles and speed for an solid hour.<br>
In a couple of weeks .. Baseball is back.. I love it!
Kinda rhymes with 'masticating'.....<br><br><br>
oh yeah, and running, too.
Dude!<br><br><img alt="banana.gif" src="">
Thinking about how much I think, and then thinking about thinking about how much I think. And so on. Pretty soon I get this centrifuge effect, and everything shuts down. It's like, um, cosmic.<br><br>
Plus spanking the monkey. That usually works.
have you found it yet?
was it behind the couch like i told you it would be?
Nope it was under the chair. You were close though.
Did you get your GED yet?<br><br>
SCAD has a campus in ATL...that's right up your alley...
Going to take it when sometime soon in the next few weeks<br><br>
Took 3 practice tests and passed all 3. What's SCAD?
Savannah College of Art and Design
Ohhh ok. I have a friend that goes there. I didn't know there was a campus in Atlanta i will look into that.
think way too much? Brooding about something you probably aren't going to be able to make changes in, OR, just lots of random ideas always popping up and entertaining you?<br><br><br>
Brooding is BAD thinking, so 'my thing' for that is usually to find something I can CHANGE and keep busy doing that ... forward progress in the face of unrelenting stillness in the other direction ... (usually something like a chore but sometimes something creative I haven't worked on in awhile )<br><br>
Lots of random ideas and toying with them is sometimes my THING ... it's sort of fun ... and then later, when I find myself BROODING, at some point ... I can grab onto one of those ideas and DO it <img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
By enflaming do you mean envigorating - a force that gets you moving and doing? I get that too.<br><br>
Or do you mean enflaming as in frustrating as in dropping the ball more than you feel you should? Cause I get that as well.<br><br><br>
Running only helps a little. Running fast helps way more than running long for decompression, although most workouts still leave me fealing a bit flustered, wishing I was faster.<br><br>
Two things are almost always relaxing for me.<br><br>
Making bread. I'm pretty good at it and <i>love</i> to knead by hand. The texture of wet dough is very relaxing.<br><br>
Casting bullets. I can spend hours doing that and I'm quite good at that as well.<br><br>
Other minor ones: coloring with DD, reading and watching Dr Who.
21 - 34 of 34 Posts
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