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What's you thing?

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A friend of mine pointed out to me today that i really just think way too much and that i needed to find my "thing". Something i can do that helps me calm down and clear my mind.<br><br>
So i was wondering what is your thing?
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well umm lets see reading, listening to music, snowboarding when i can, running, and i like watching baseball and hockey games.
hell i talk to myself when i don't run. some days i just keep a running conversation going with myself.
Nope it was under the chair. You were close though.
Going to take it when sometime soon in the next few weeks<br><br>
Took 3 practice tests and passed all 3. What's SCAD?
Ohhh ok. I have a friend that goes there. I didn't know there was a campus in Atlanta i will look into that.
1 - 7 of 34 Posts
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