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What's A President's Cup Worth ?

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So my Red Wings are on the verge of there 4th President's cup in 6 years. A great accomplishment yes, but what is this really worth ? The best team's in the west are San Jose and Anaheim. If I read the standings correctly and the top seeds all win in round 1, Detroit will have to go through both San Jose AND Anaheim. 2 very physical teams, I do not like the Wing's chances of doing that. This is because Anaheim slips to 4th place because mediocre division winners* are automatically gauranteed to be no worse then a 3 seed.<br><br>
If the Wings can forfeit the remainder of their games and San Jose overtakes them, then they start round 2 against the 3 seed and let San Jose and Anaheim beat the crap out of each other and play the carnage.<br><br>
So the best chance of emerging from the west would be to forfeit the remainder of the games and hope San Jose is too stupid to see why you are doing it and not tank their last games too.<br><br>
Thoughts (Wings suk or similar comments not allowed <img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">) ?<br><br>
*-I would say "no disrespect to Minnesota intended" but I think anyone would see through that <img alt="huh.gif" src=""> ... I do not think the Wild is on the same level as the Sharks & Ducks. But we'll see. Ditto for the 5-8 seeds. Should be fun to watch.
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