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What happened Atlanta?

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Tornado?...strong winds?....damage downtown?....stadium where basketball game was being played?
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They've cancelled the St Patrick's Day parade! Good thing the timing of this was right before the end of the basketball games. That's why there aren't more injuries. Some of the parking lots have steel beams that broke onto cars, etc...
I just bought my plane ticket. I'll be in Atlanta in time for the party!!!
I thought those pictures were the aftermath of your party? <img alt="confused.gif" src=""><br><br>
/off the hizzook~!
you are nawt of the hizzook...
Ummmm...QN can pick you up from the Airport!
QN doesn't know if she can make it by your party <img alt="sad.gif" src="">. You scheduled it at exactly the same day and time as Maccabeth's party, and she asked me to set aside the date like a month ago.
Just rearrange your schedule a little and do both. I'm going to Sherry's party at 7:00pm; leaving at 8:30 to pick up a friend in midtown to go see the original drag queen of Georgia (71 year old Diamond Lil) in a show at Lenny's in Decatur.
Tithers likes drag queens!
um, how come crazyfrog doesnt know about EITHER of these parties? she wants an invite. <sniff>
I am pretty sure you're invited to both. You just haven't been around much.
Here's how weather is weird....<br><br>
I was driving IN to Atlanta when all that weather commotion was going on.<br><br>
I could see the lightning light up the clouds (all orangy)...<br>
I could see some lightning bolts....<br>
It was windy....but nothing that I thought was difficult to drive in on the Interstate.<br><br>
When I got onto the bypass, it started to rain, but not downpour rain, just a really really heavy mist at the hardest.<br><br>
Got checked in to the hotel....<br>
checked email and stuff....<br><br>
Tithers told me about the Georgia Dome.<br>
I was all: :O about it, cause it didn't seem that bad where I was.<br><br>
No lights went out...<br>
nothing like that.<br><br>
My MOM called me worried that I was still on the roads....the Georgia Dome was on her news.<br><br>
My swim meet went off without a hitch.<br><br>
This sort of weather is just plain WEIRD!
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21 - 34 of 34 Posts
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