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What happened Atlanta?

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Tornado?...strong winds?....damage downtown?....stadium where basketball game was being played?
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They don't OFFICIALLY know. My guess is a microburst.<br><br>
Some hotels got their windows blown out.<br><br>
Guess we'll know for sure when daylight hits.
Welllllllll ANOTHER storm is approaching from the west!
I just went upstairs to check the news...they're showing coverage of the area near the dome and across from CNN.<br><br>
Ummm...perhaps a small short tornado-they say!<br><br>
I live north-so I'm are macca and QN...although some storms hit tucker and that's where 770 lives. He should be fine tho!
Hey PH...did the MR. invite you to my birthday party today?
My birthday is REALLY on the 20th...but who wants a party on a thursday?
you are nawt of the hizzook...
Ummmm...QN can pick you up from the Airport!
Tithers likes drag queens!
1 - 8 of 34 Posts
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