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What happened Atlanta?

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Tornado?...strong winds?....damage downtown?....stadium where basketball game was being played?
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Everything is fine in Tucker. We had some big booms and lights flickered off around 9:45 but other that nothing serious. I've already walked around the neighborhood and no houses appear to be damaged.<br><br>
Downtown Atlanta, including Centennial Park where the Georgia Marathon starts and finishes is in pretty bad shape. The remaining games of the SEC basketball tournament are being moved to Georgia Tech, although no fans will be allowed in - a decision by the SEC. The games will be on TV.<br><br>
A few condo's were severely damaged in Southeast Atlanta but there are no reports of deaths or serious injuries during the storm, which is pretty amazing.<br><br>
I don't think the storm will affect the start/finish areas of the marathon as they have two weeks to get things cleaned up. The complete cleanup will probably take quite a while longer.
Just rearrange your schedule a little and do both. I'm going to Sherry's party at 7:00pm; leaving at 8:30 to pick up a friend in midtown to go see the original drag queen of Georgia (71 year old Diamond Lil) in a show at Lenny's in Decatur.
1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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