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wetsuit question

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but not for me, I'm super buoyant on my own and like cold water. <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br>
the husband was looking at renting a wetsuit for his races this season (4 races). It's $40 to rent for Thurs - Tues. He's never worn a wetsuit before but is a sinker, and doesn't do well in the cold (and we live in MA).<br><br>
I saw the xterra thing and was thinking of badgering him into buying a wetsuit, as the sleeveless style works out to just under the cost of renting for the 4 races, plus gives him more time to OWS in it, and he'll have it going forward.<br><br>
Here's my question.. how do you figure out what size suit you need? Do you have to try on?<br><br>
Husband is 5'7", and hovers around 185 right now (and will possibly kill me for posting this). He's the type that carries all of his extra weight in his torso (in fact the man has no body fat below his hips). If he dropped all of the weight he needed to lose, and put back on the rest of the muscle he has when he's in peak shape, he'd probably be a differently shaped 185. Lowest I could ever see him is maybe 170 - 175.<br><br>
This means that according to the xterra size chart, <a href="" target="_blank"></a> he's not really any of those sizes. He's almost a medium.. at the bottom range of height, but the top range of weight. So what do we go by?<br><br>
Thanks, this was way longer than I thought it would be!
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You pretty much got three options...
<ol style="list-style-type:decimal;"><li>Find a store that sells the suit you're interested in and go try it on. Even if you're not gonna buy it there, this works. And look for one that's just a smidge tight - they loosen up when they get wet.</li>
<li>Call the suit manufacturer. They sell suits for a living and they want you to be happy so they want it to fit. Give them some measurements and they'll recommend a size. (This method worked for me.)</li>
<li>Ask about their return policy and roll the dice.</li>
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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