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Thanks for the report...wished I could have been there. Your photos brought back some memories. My grandparents lived at 544 Lenox Ave and I used to venture down into the big city of Westfield (I grew up in a town of 684 people) and wander around (it was still relatively safe to do so then). Anyway, I recognize the area in your photos...great stuff. Good action shot w/the 'za.<br><br>
I also like <b>Scratch</b>'s idea of a shtick. I have seen too many blues brothers, brides & grooms, jugglers, etc. Best way to come up with ideas for a shtick is to run a haloween race. I have run as the <span style="color:#00FF00;">incredible hulk</span> and with 3 friends as the Baseball Furies (<a href="" target="_blank"></a>).
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