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Happy New Year!!! What would 2023 be going to look like?!?!

Moose chasing definitely counts toward exercises. I heard they move only when they are ready to move. 😂. Hopeful no accidents and too much jam.

zoj - a warm weather is on your way. Maybe even a record :(. Yea need snow.

yesterday was 5mile hike in Pisgha national forest. Linville Gorge and falls (considered to be Grand Canyon of east … hmm that’s not quite right). Spent NYE in Charleston WV. Nothing much was going on.

Jan 1 - travel back home day. 6 hrs with a few stops. Including micro brewery. I can’t even remember how many different beers we tried at how many breweries over the last 7 days. It will end now!

A big news - I am getting a fat bike, finally!! Couldn’t resist $700 price tag for a decent brand-new fattie. I know two GIRLBIKERS ride this bike. We Need Snow!!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts