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Yo whoohoo a fat bike!
What will 2023 look like? I have an enthusiastic backpack partner she's got us permits for Paria canyon late March. Thats usually ski time but I guess I can miss a week to get an early start, we have all kinds of summer plans, the southern Wyoming range and perhaps a full Winds traverse. First I have a very pressing short term contract and I've got a ski race Jan 28t h unless I have to travel for that contract. Then a visit to Boston. So 2023 should ahve more travel, more backpacking and more skiing!

For the 31st I did an 8 mile backcountry ski breaking trail in the 7inches of new over several feet of old snow. Then a number of folks showed up at the newly reopened (part time) bar and grill we were all in bed by 9pm.. So has a possible health issue that come up Friday so I've been doing all the heavy chores until he cna see the doc (tomorrow) so I've been shoveling as it keeps on snowing. He did do the plowing! The moose moved on for the moment since his slat got covered.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts