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Hi everyone!<br><br>
I hope you like our brand-new, cutting edge fitness training facility of my dreams! You'll see we have a spinning room with brand-new bikes, lap pool, pilates apparatus studio, huge weight room with a core-training corner, cardio center with individual TVs and iPods for each machine, and rock-climbing wall. Outside we have an all-season yoga deck overlooking the mountain bike trail and open-water swim practice area. If you need to take a break, steam up in the locker room saunas, soak in the mineral hot tub, or refuel at the organic spa smoothie bar and cafe.<br><br>
This forum is a place to ask questions and share our experiences having to do with any and all non-running exercise activities that we do to help our running OR because we love them too: cycling, swimming, cross-country skiing, cardio striptease, surfing, weights, stretching, pilates, yoga, rock climbing, BASE jumping, tai chi, BODY PUMP, etc. -- whatever you do!<br><br>
Please let me know if you have any ideas, suggestions, questions, etc., related to the forum and I'll do the best I can to help. Let's make this a place where we learn a lot from each other and support one another in our athletic or fitness goals.<br><br>
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