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There are lots of benefits to lifting weights! Most trainers I know say that you should decide which to do first (running or lifting) based on which matters most to you: do the more important one first. That way, you know you'll be in top form when you do it.<br><br>
You shouldn't have to wait long b/w the run and the weight lifting on your 10K days. But lifting on your long run day may overtax your body. I'd personally try to shift your Saturday lifting to another day.<br><br>
As for what to lift when, I'm a big advocate of a split lifting plan. I do:<br><br>
shoulders and legs<br>
plus abs several days a week<br><br>
I do 3-4 different moves for each muscle group, though sometimes compound moves will count for 2. And I always start with the big muscle group first (chest, back, quads and glutes) b/c if you don't, your smaller muscles will recruit the bigger ones to help them, like cheating a little. And by separating chest from back/tri's from bi's, you're giving your opposing muscles their own devoted day so they can be worked harder. This is what works well for me, though I was a slacker and am just getting back into it.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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