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Boring, self-indulgent post not related to training or MS so leave now if you're easily bored! aim is to maybe say something of use to anyone who's losing weight.<br><br>
I resolved to lose weight in a vague fashion at the start of April 2007, so i am now 12 months in. First target was to "lose weight" for a holiday in July. While away in July I decided to "start exercising again"; and then in Nov I entered a HIM (for Sept 200<img alt="cool.gif" src=""> so upped the exercising to training and got more structured (still learning though!!).<br><br>
here is a summary of my data from 12 months of weightloss (I weigh in every morning and run a spreadsheet specific to weight alongside training schedules):<br>
April 1; 202lbs (and hit 204 during april)<br>
May 1; 200lbs<br>
June 1; 190lbs<br>
July 1; 191lbs (not sure what happened in June! Probably losing enthusiasm)<br>
Aug 1; 190lbs<br>
Sep 1; 185lbs<br>
Oct 1; 177lbs<br>
Nov 1; 171lbs<br>
Dec 1; 164lbs<br>
Jan 2; 164lbs<br>
Feb 1; 158lbs<br>
March 1; 156lbs<br><br>
April 1st next Tuesday and I'll be 155/156 unless I go on a beer binge all weekend (which I wont be). 154 would be nice (to be the round 50lbs since early April last year). Ultimate tgt is 150, but it's taking time now so it may take the rest of the year.<br><br>
What I eat:<br>
Breakfast: Large bowl of cereal (usually 2 weetabix and a load of muesli).<br>
Snacks: 4 or 5 pieces of fruit (roughly one at 10am, 11am, 3pm, 4pm)<br>
Lunch: Jacket spud (usually with tuna; no butter). 2 boiled eggs. Soup.<br>
Evening: Varies. Probably have a "meal" 30-50% of evenings (pasta or chili or something else medium to lowish calorie), and then other nights will be a fairly light snack something like beans on toast/tinned sardines/scrambled egg/soup.<br>
TV Snacks in an evening: usually either Brazil nuts or Bombay mix.<br>
If I feel hungry (particularly in an evening) I'll have a couple of glasses of very cold water.<br>
The only thing i really miss is cheese on toast. <img alt="sad.gif" src=""><br><br>
We eat out twice a month (max) but usually once and I'll eat whatever I want. I will drink 2 beers Friday lunchtime (not every week) and I'll drink wine if we're eating out. No drinking wine in the house (like before).<br><br>
What I've learned:<br><br>
Weight might be loosely related to what exercise you do, but is more strictly related to <b>what you eat</b>. Yes, other people can tell you this, but I don't think you can really know it until you see it for yourself.<br>
I can execute a disciplined and patient plan.<br>
I believe weight-watchers and similar organisations advocate a weekly weigh-in, rather than daily (because of potential "discouragement"<img alt="wink.gif" src="">. I very firmly believe the daily motivation that you'll weigh in first thing tomorrow morning no-matter-what is the positive way to view the process. Avoiding a weigh in every day due to "potential disappointment" is a negative way of viewing it. The daily weigh-in is your "win". You need it to keep honest.<br>
You can have a blow out every so often, but it's all part of "what you eat". There's no such thing as a diet; just food that you eat.<br>
Most importantly: <b>A year goes more quickly than you think</b>, so if you want to do it, you can. Just decide. Excess weight goes on fairly slowly, without you noticing and you've got to accept it will also take time to come off.<br><br>
GL if you're losing!

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WOW! That is amazing. Great progress and a great motivation that you don't need to loose huge amounts of weight quickly. It's a gradual process!<br><br>
ME?? Feeling very discouraged lately. I was 152lbs over 3 weeks ago and now I am up over 156lbs and I don't know why. I am sticking to under 2000 calories a day with a number lower than 1800 if I don't work out. I am eating very very healthy food with the exception of a small bowl of no sugar added low fat icecream a few nights a week. Almost no alcohol as well. I know it could just be hormones but for me it's hard to tell. I don't have periods anymore (because of the type of birth control I am on, haven't had one since I got pregnant with my 3 year old) so I don't know what it going on there. I have had a migrain headache the last 2 days which I use to get every month when I had my period so I am guessing my body is doing something, but 4 pounds???? I am trying really hard not to lower my calorie intake because I don't think that is the answer but GEESH!!! It's driving me crazy.

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Very inspirational - great advice as well. I always seem to do better if I step on the scale more frequently - it takes some getting used to the 'ups and downs', but it certainly keeps you more honest on a daily basis. Great job!!!<br><br>
One question though - what's a 'jacket spud'??

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Well done... thanks for sharing. I need to be constantly reminded of several of the points you made.<br><br>
I'm impressed with your results and your attitude. I'm sure you must look and feel so much better than this time last year. Keep up the great work.

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Great job Pete! Thanks for sharing. You are nailing your goal! You are so right by saying weight loss is strictly related to what you eat. Eating healthy and being accountable for what you eat is key. Easier said than done sometimes though! You did it! Great job!

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Great job Pete! You started out slow - losing 12 pounds in the first 4 months - then it accelerated - losing 26 pounds in the next 4 months. That really shows the value of having a good plan and sticking with it. It takes dedication and determination to keep going when the pounds were slow to come off at first. Some people would give up, but you kept going. Now you're within sight of your goal and no doubt you'll do what it takes to get there. Now the key will be maintaining it through a combination of good nutritional habits and exercise.
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