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Weight and Fat

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I haven't lost weight (not seriously trying at this time) and don't seem to be doing much more working out, but I believe my wiggly belly fat has started to recede*. I am doing more core work, mostly with the aim of helping my ITB (the exercises include core work) but it doesn't seem like that much more. I also have been <i>trying</i> not to eat as much fat during the day (no Ben and Jerry's for a while, and reduced chocolate intake per day) so maybe that is helping have an effect.<br><br>
I am fairly certain that reducing my overall fat intake is the logical thing to do, in order to keep reducing the cute (NOT) pouch on my front. Anyone have any supporting or counter wisdom to offer?<br><br><br><br><br><span style="font-size:xx-small;">*I cannot back up this feeling with data, like measurements or anything at this time.</span>
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Gingerbread, I've typed up a response a couple times but can't get it down to what I'm really meaning to say. So here's a best effort. I'm not so sure you can say that reducing overall fat will necessarily help with whatever extra fat you feel sits in your mid-section. Sure, diet will do more good in this area than just rigorous exercise but I don't like cutting [good] fats as a means to this end. Does that make sense?<br><br>
I'd focus on eating as clean as possible (low on the food chain, cutting any processed foods) and see where that gets you in conjunction with regular exercise.
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