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Weight and Fat

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I haven't lost weight (not seriously trying at this time) and don't seem to be doing much more working out, but I believe my wiggly belly fat has started to recede*. I am doing more core work, mostly with the aim of helping my ITB (the exercises include core work) but it doesn't seem like that much more. I also have been <i>trying</i> not to eat as much fat during the day (no Ben and Jerry's for a while, and reduced chocolate intake per day) so maybe that is helping have an effect.<br><br>
I am fairly certain that reducing my overall fat intake is the logical thing to do, in order to keep reducing the cute (NOT) pouch on my front. Anyone have any supporting or counter wisdom to offer?<br><br><br><br><br><span style="font-size:xx-small;">*I cannot back up this feeling with data, like measurements or anything at this time.</span>
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I think most of us watch for these now, but this is on the same line (not an issue if you are eating clean)<br>
I was reading a study that showed with the same number of Calories, trans-fats will encourage more weight gained or reserved on the waist line. (even those hidden ones they don't tell you about in the label- have to read the ingredients, because it's as a little as 2-3 g a day; and if it has less than half a gram it can say it has none)<br><br>
Obviously, if you are eating clean you aren't eating those processed foods that have the trans-fats.... but it's interesting nonetheless. Plus, it's certainly not going to hurt anything not to eat trans-fats since they are not beneficial and are far more harmful than saturated fats.
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