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Weigh in 11-22

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<p>GW 195</p>
<p>LW: 211</p>
<p>CW 214</p>
<p>WL: +3</p>
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<p>I am not overly concerned with this +3 as I ate a lot of junk food over the weekend but was able to keep cocktail consumption to a moderate. I think by Wednesday I might be down most of that gain. (water weight for sure)</p>
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<p>I actually had a decent week of exercise, this week might be a little less do to the holiday and I already woke up late today, Oh well, it will all come together in due time.</p>
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<p>Only 2 1/2 weeks of the return to run program and then, I am Free to Roam! Bring, on the open space.</p>
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<p>Yes, I agree the holidays will bring there own struggles, but I will accept weight gain as I have no intentions of not taking in the food and social cocktail hours that the holidays bring, I think it adds an unnecessary stress to an already difficult task. what ever I gain can be lost through hard work later.</p>
<p>back down the water fluff weight, but with two thanksgivings and one of them on Sunday, I am sure that I will be back up if not more... :) Food BRING IT!</p>
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