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weekly x-training thread, March 14-20

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<p>Opie's post for last week inspired me for this week's question. Since he reported his activity totals in terms of total time spent rather than miles or other quantitative units, I started thinking about all the time I spend in exercise-related activity, including pre- and post- workout stuff. Such as driving to and from my running locations, showering (sometimes before <em>and</em> after), digestive issues, etc. Maybe I focus too much on the pragmatic and efficiency aspects of my activities, but I tend to wonder if the 30 minute run is really worth the 2+ hours of pre- and post- "work" that sometimes happens. Or maybe I just have way too much free time to burn... ;)</p>
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<p>So this week's question is (thanks BTY!): how do you feel about your bang-for-your-buck of your running vs pre/post maintenance of said running?</p>
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<p>heh, I thought it was obvious.... guess not...</p>
<p>Please update your totals from last week and post your plans for this week.</p>
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<p>From last week:</p>
<p><strong>hally</strong> = 3 elliptical, 4.5 weights, weights twice, walking and caching</p>
<p><strong>Fortunate One</strong> = 25 miles</p>
<p><strong>Hemerocallus</strong> = 35.5 miles</p>
<p><strong>Better than yesterday</strong> = 27.9 miles, 6 days stretch, 4 days core (2 & 2)</p>
<p><strong>OrangeMat</strong> = 40.17 miles</p>
<p><strong>evanflein</strong> = 66.4 miles run, 6.8 miles elliptical, 2.6 miles walked and 32 minutes weights</p>
<p><strong>Paul</strong> = 52.6 miles</p>
<p><strong>HappyFeat</strong> = 30 miles</p>
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<p>Thanks OM, I was traveling on business and am home (well at work) now! Will catch up soon.</p>
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<p><strong>Elliptical twice</strong></p>
<p><strong>Weights once</strong></p>
<p><strong>Ran 2</strong></p>
<p><strong>Hiked 6</strong></p>
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