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Weekly Weight Loss 2/4-2/10

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Just wanted to get us started for the week. Didn't make bad choices yesterday. I know I didn't drink a lot of water, so that will be the focus of today. I did make a yummy trail mix over the weekend.
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holy cow. that's like 5 liters? i have no idea. are you making yourself do it or are you that thirsty?
congrats <b>Biah</b>!<br><br>
i pretty much only drink water too... i just don't drink that much... i just don't drink a lot period. i have a couple of cups of coffee in the morning (to keep away headaches....) i think i get 2 Liters a day easy. i try to hit 3. I think I'll try to do that more this week. Sucks though with 3 minutes in between classes to pee and a boss who wants us all out in the halls.... I feel weird skipping hall duty half the time....
seriously. i got a kid in my class that wears big kid diapers.
1 - 3 of 51 Posts
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