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Weekly Weight Loss 2/4-2/10

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Just wanted to get us started for the week. Didn't make bad choices yesterday. I know I didn't drink a lot of water, so that will be the focus of today. I did make a yummy trail mix over the weekend.
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I'm down 2 this week. Not much else to report...<br><br>
Good vibes to everyone post-superbowl and Mardi Gras! Hang in there!
Thanks for the congrats, girls!!<br><br><b>Roo</b>, you could maybe wear those Poise pads and then only skip duty 1/4 of the time? They're supposed to me totally unnoticeable...<br><br>
Whoa, <b>Brandy</b>!! Sweet on the waist measurements!!<br><br>
I think you totally get a pass last week, and this week, if you want it. I don't think I said it before, but good luck on the's tomorrow, right? Happy closing vibes your way!!<br><br>
A while back my doctor told me that I needed to set a goal weight of 140-145 pounds. Hmm. Given my current body fat percentage, and assuming only fat loss in the quest for 145, that would leave me at a whopping 11%. I asked the doctor if she, for some reason, was not a fan of ovulation. She looked very confused and that's when I knew I had to switch doctors...
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Heehee!! You're so much nicer than me...I just dumped her and kept moving. Although we did have some other issues. Good to hear that you two worked out something more reasonable for you!<br><br>
Verticalness. Excellent<img alt="smile.gif" src=""> I'm actually only 5'9"...but built pretty muscularly under my my ~200 pounds I wear a 10/12. I like your idea of a range, but I don't know what weight is good for me - the lowest weight I can remember was about 170 and that was in 6th grade when I was much shorter (and therefore rounder!). I was thinking a body fat range might be a better goal for me? I'm shooting for 24-30% and then I figured I'd re-evaluate. Does that sound ok?
Did you go #2? Totally not trying to be funny... bad<img alt="smile.gif" src=""> Good point about the numbers, <b>Theia</b>...I think I'll just see how it goes and how I feel. Thanks for the input!<br>
Sorry, <b>Brandy</b>, that was my only suggestion. I'm sure it'll balance out the rest of the week.<img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br>
Great for you <b>Colleen</b> on looking and feeling fantastic!! Numbers, schmumbers!<br><br>
I think mine would do the same thing...except it would be pizza and fried chicken. Mmmmm...fried chicken. These damn cucumbers do NOT taste the same<img alt="sad.gif" src=""> It sounds like you're doing great staying healthy while preggers, <b>Beaker!</b> Keep that scale slowly moving up! I forgot, when is your due date?<br><br><b>Nettie</b>, those are fake pounds. Swear. They'll be gone by Saturday. Hey, are you still doing the Chinatown thing?
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