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Yea, Zoi thx for keeping the daily going (= keeping us together)!!

Sounds really tough ride, Geo! Wait to get it done!

SB - bot the weather there seems to be the #1 factor to make any find of decision. Stay safe. And not terribly surprised to hear you say fall is there. I now watch the weather in the Teton very closely..

7 miles hike with backpack near Lansing MI ( in case you forgot it’s the Michigan capital). DH had a scout meeting in the AM, so met up afterwards and hiked nearby park. Was asked three times if we were training for something. No bugs bothering us m, maybe thanks to the hiking clothes that were treated permethrin.

Shoulder - for dry needling on Friday. Appeared to be helping. But first time I felt backpack kinda bothered it, which is concerning. I reached out to PA I saw in Feb about getting another steroid shot. She suggested I would come see her. My PT is not a big fan of getting another shot..and I am kind of torn….
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