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Weekend Workouts - April 15/16

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Happy weekend gang!

Hope you had a fun race, Zoj! Looks like quite the crowd ...

Had a good gathering for the bagelry gang - 13 or 14 riders in all. A bit over 45 miles in all

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Nice ride, always nice to have a big group!

The lip issue’s original case wasn’t seasonal allergy… likely some bacteria or irritation of some sort. Just the seasonal tree pollen are making it worse. It’s just so painful.

went to swim first time since I don’t know when. PT wanted me to try. Just 1000yds no issues during a swim. Afterwards it’s sore. I’m paying close attention how it feels for the next day. 2-mile walk. Was hoping to ride but running errands and yard work killed it. Too much to do.
First “Cafe Ride” of the year, solo. DH busy with yardwork .. felt bad but I got to ride as 500miles trip is coming up soon.
Came across a rider on my way to the Cafe, chatted away as we were heading to the same direction and he got a flat. Stayed with him as I wasn’t in a hurry. After showing him where the Cafe (many riding groups use this spot to stop by or starting point), I spent half hr or so to enjoy a coffee and bagel. Well the storm wasn’t supposedly hitting until 2pm-ish but it was very wrong. Started seeing some drops a few miles into the return then DS called. Didn’t want to miss talking to him (and my AirPod not working well to speak to) so put him on a speaker phone and I rode singlehanded in the rain on the horrible potholed dirt road for 40min!!! It was great to catch-up with him since I saw him in japan :). He isn’t in a hurry to actually tie a knot (phew!) prob in a few years. Needless to say I was caked with mudd and cell phone got really dirty too
I was happy how I rode in spite of all these on ave 13.3mph for 35miles.
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