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Weekend Workouts - 5/20-21

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Impressive brick Thetriathlonfun! It's been a long time since I did one of those (I'm sure last triathlon was somewhere between 10-15 years ago now!). What is your favorite distance? I never did a full ironman, but I did do two (somewhat disappointing) half irons. I think Olympic distance was most fun ... which sounds like what you are doing now? Tell us a bit more! Zwift is good for those of us who have a good cold winter! (although this winter was not so bad).

Today was a 57 mile beach ride. Woot! I am 4th from right in picture...

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Hey Geo - nice ride!
Nothing for me this weekend - except getting ready for our trip and finally getting my flowers and veggies planted!

Getting the car tomorrow afternoon. Wanted another stick and didn't like what they did to the 3, so had to look for other options. Contemplated a used Mini or Outback (have driven both), but ultimately went with the Acura.
Yeah - Don't blame you - and not so many choices these days. I think the stick is only available in the highest trim 3 as well. If I was in the market, I'd probably consider driving it to check it out - but I'm also disappointed by the uglification of the back quarter with the smooshed windows. Apparently the interior is really nice though ... I suppose by the time I'm in the market again, it'll be time to put money where mouth is and contemplate going electric... Short range is not really a problem for me these days!

Ended up doing a 23'ish mile ride today on a local loop. Also spent a couple of hours mowing/bagging the lawn - that first overgrown mow of the spring...

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