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Weekend Workouts - 5/13 - 5/14

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Happy weekend, all!

Zoj - Hope the funk has snapped a bit. The run must have been brutal given the temp adjustment.

Yo - Sounds like a PIA business trip. Was the tough day on Wednesday a business tough day?

TTF - What did you cook for dinner :) ? It's cheaty-Indian food for us tonight (a Patak's curry sauce, some grilled marinated chicken and spinach in it, with rice and naan).

In exciting local food news (speaking of news), a small food truck park just opened in town (6 or 7 food trucks along with a more permanent establishment that serves beer and maybe food?). Sounds like your sort of place for a beer and food ride, Yo!

Back on the exercise front, went for a 56 mile ride - moderately hilly, with 2800 ft / 850 m of climbing - with the bagelry group. Felt pretty good, considering the lack of riding in the last couple of weeks. I think my new shoes/cleat placement are an improvement - because hot spots seem to be gone.

Also took the dog for a 3 or 4 mile walk, with only two dog encounters - so I'll call that a win! He's pretty nasty with other dogs - especially when leashed. I keep on hoping he'll mellow with age, but it's not looking good so far.

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Geo - Wednesday was a biz-tough meeting. Being in the automotive industry price reduction pressure is just relentless while my management has a different idea.
Nice long ride!

Well, after some scary story about singles from two friends, I realized I was due to the second shot. So I went to get s shot after s long day on Friday…. And as I was warned it hit me hard. Achy sluggish headachy all day.
2-mile walk in the sub then spent all day working on bike setup for the upcoming trip. Looking good as far as capacity vs what needs to be packed. Capacity was the biggest concern. Now making a final decision on where to put where maybe a bit challenging. Will see. Looks like a bit cold up there, 50’sF during the day and mid 40’s in the evening …..
Happy Mother’s Day Zoj! What special and serious responsibilities we are given as mother…. Feels like it is a never ending job sometimes..

Headaches still lingering from the shingles shot. We took our bike to Ann Arbor and rode around exploring the area. While riding by the Huron River, I saw three distressed kayakers, one of them all wet, kayak being in the other side of the river…. Asked if needed a help. Yes, the mother figure said. So we stepped in to assist them getting out of water and removing kayaks out of water.
15 miles total with a stop at a brewery.
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