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weekend tilts (runs and stuff)

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<p>Hey, <strong><span style="font-size:22px;">WAKE UP EVERYONE</span></strong>!</p>
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<p>sorry, got my day(s) messed up.  copied my post from the wrong thread into this.</p>
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<p>hope you all had a filling turkey day.  i actually limited myself to one plate of food and limited desserts.  this no running thing really is a killer when i have to limit what i eat.</p>
<p>yesterday was spent raking, digging, chainsawing, lugging, moving, cutting, brush clearing, spreading mulched leaves - not quite the traditional workout but exhausting nonetheless.  more chainsawing on tap for today - as soon as i get my butt moving and my chain sharpened.</p>
<p>congrats <strong>ailarie</strong>!</p>
<p><strong>boB</strong>, are you wearing a facepiece respirator while doing that insulating?  i overinsulated my attic last year with the encapsulated variety but it was still pretty messy.</p>
<p>so is <strong>RIL</strong> the first to register for a spring tilt?</p>
<p>good runs all and nice job to you(s) for already getting after it today. i'm hoping to get a quick trip to the gym before resuming dad duties.</p>
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<p>Fitness yesterday turned out to be walking around the concourses at Denver International Airport; worked up a pretty good sweat lugging a rollerboard around the carpeting (added resistance).  Actually added it all up and ended up with 3.3 miles of walking, which I guess isn't too bad.  My calf was acting up though (it acted up during mile 3 of my T'giving Day race as well) - the ART session this week is going to be most welcome but painful I imagine.<br></p>
<p>Speaking of T'giving Day races, they had some photographers out there.  I think this is probably the best one of me & <strong>Kris</strong> that day</p>
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<p><strong>Mindi</strong> - if you want an earlier one on the left coast here, Napa Valley is a pretty nice one first weekend of March.  A little rolly through the first 22 but it's mostly declines and the grades are gentle regardless, flat at the end, cenic countrys to run through, and good swag (the duffel bag is top notch and acts as your bag check bag)</p>
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