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Weekend Plans!

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<p>Hi!  <img alt="" src="" title="">  Miss you guys!  Life has gotten busy, but today I'm feeling nostalgic. And it's Friday, the lava lamp is on, and it's a good day to be alive!  What ya'll have cookin' this weekend?</p>
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<p>Tonight - dinner out with DH, packing (for tomorrow's race) and sleeping</p>
<p>Saturday - running the Stone Cat marathon, cheering on friends running the 50-miler after I finish (well, that's assuming I finish <em>before</em> them! LOL!), and perhaps if I have enough energy DH and I will head to a friend's party later that evening.</p>
<p>Sunday - running club meeting (a special Sunday edition), yard work to prep for winter ... happy I got all my bulbs planted already last weekend, one less thing to do!</p>
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<p>Bulbs...I gotta plant some of those one of these days.</p>
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<p>Tonight:  Taking it easy with the family.</p>
<p>Tomorrow:  Annual end of year running house crawl and banquet/dance.  17k, 7 stops, drinks and food and fun!  They're starting the day with a Beer Mile but I'm thinking I'll sit that part out.</p>
<p>Sunday:  Birthday party for Lena's friend.  He's 4.  Hmmm...must pick up a gift for that.</p>
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