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Weekend Plans!

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<p>Hi!  <img alt="" src="" title="">  Miss you guys!  Life has gotten busy, but today I'm feeling nostalgic. And it's Friday, the lava lamp is on, and it's a good day to be alive!  What ya'll have cookin' this weekend?</p>
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<p>Tonight - dinner out with DH, packing (for tomorrow's race) and sleeping</p>
<p>Saturday - running the Stone Cat marathon, cheering on friends running the 50-miler after I finish (well, that's assuming I finish <em>before</em> them! LOL!), and perhaps if I have enough energy DH and I will head to a friend's party later that evening.</p>
<p>Sunday - running club meeting (a special Sunday edition), yard work to prep for winter ... happy I got all my bulbs planted already last weekend, one less thing to do!</p>
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<p>Tonight - worked retail job for 4.5 hours. </p>
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<p>Saturday - Breakfast out with family, go to school to catch up on work for next week, watch little cousin's soccer game, retail job for most of the afternoon, keep track of football game while at work, and then dash home to catch the last half in the peace and comfort of my own home, without people asking me for sizes or prices of jerseys of aforementioned football team, do house work.</p>
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<p>Sunday - Mass, work retail for most of the afternoon, hopefully we win Saturday's game so customers are happy, catch other football game in between helping customers and putting out stock in anticipation of next weeks play off game against Edmonton or BC, plan for school next week, do more housework. </p>
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<p>It's a busy football week and I have to think about getting report cards done before the play off game on the 14th.</p>
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