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Finally I had a good run this week. Ran with the Yak Trax today for the first time.<br><br>
7 Miles this morning 17 degrees and windy.<br><br>
Week Totals 25 miles And Month totals of 104 mile running.<br><br>
I hope everybody else has a great day as well.

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Did a 21.6 mile long run this morning with the Boulder Trail Runners. About 15-20 people showed up. We stuck to the plowed dirt roads since the snow just isn't consolidating on the trails (too cold and windy).<br><br>
Mon - 8.7 miles, trails<br>
Wed - 7.7 miles, trails, night run, deep snow<br>
Thur - 6.4 miles, night<br>
Fri - 3.5 miles, deep snow, snowshoes, misery<br>
Sat - 5.9 miles, snow, easy<br>
Sun - 21.6 miles, long run, dirt roads, snow packed<br><br>
Weekly: 53.8 miles<br><br>
Today's run put me a few miles over my '07 goal of doubling my '06 mileage (1633.4 miles to date vs 815.6 miles last year).<br><br>
Now it's time for a cold beer!<br><br>
Have a Happy New Year everyone!<br>
- Chris

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I finished my 1200 miles for the year goal, and then I slacked off. <img alt="smile.gif" src=""> All miles E, except for Thursday when I did a Progressive workout<br><br>
Mon - 5<br>
Tue - 0<br>
Wed - 6<br>
Thu - 6<br>
Fri - 6<br>
Sat and Sun - 0<br><br>
Total - 23 miles.<br><br>
Looking forward to running in 2008!
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